Dynamic Capoeira: How to Prepare a Fun and Engaging Class

Dynamic Capoeira: How to Prepare a Fun and Engaging Class

As a capoeira instructor, you want to make sure that your classes are fun and engaging for your students. In this blog post, we will discuss how to prepare a dynamic capoeira class. Class segments often include warmup cardio, dynamic stretching, and strength training followed by skills training – the bulk of any capoeira class. After skills training and practice, there will usually be a cooldown that includes some static stretching and ending with music and/or a roda where students may want to incorporate the subject of the training into their games for extra practice.

When planning your capoeira class, you will want to consider the following:

What is the focus of the class? What moves or skills will you teach?

Choose a focus for your class. Each class should have a focus, whether it be working on a specific skill or drilling a particular movement. Having a focus will help you to plan your drills and activities. You may want to pair a move mastery lesson with an integrated game in the roda where students are able to showcase newly conquered skills at the end of each class.

What are your students’ skill levels? How fast can your lessons move?

Consider your students’ skill levels. When choosing your activities, make sure that they are appropriate for your students’ skill levels and that you have modified versions where possible to engage students at all levels and paces. You don’t want to make the class too easy or too difficult overall and you want to ensure each student leaves with new skills and a sense of accomplishment.

What equipment do you need?

Get the right equipment. Capoeira does not require much on the sport side, simply cool, medium-fitting clothing. On the music side, you may want to use live instruments in your classes such as the berimbau, the pandeiros, agogo bells, reco-recos, and atabaques. Your choice of instruments may be up to your preferences and the players’ skill levels. Your students may want to learn to play these instruments to increase their own dynamism within the capoeira community.

How can you make the class fun and engaging for your students?

The best way to engage your students is to make the class fun. Choose activities that your students will enjoy and that will help them learn the material. You may want to use games and competitions in class. This can help keep students focused and motivated. Additionally, competitions add a bit of excitement to the class and can help students learn new skills more quickly. Another way to engage your students is to highlight the music during each capoeira lesson. Music can help students learn movement patterns, connect deeper with their movements, and can also be used as a motivator. If you are using live instruments, students can even learn to play along with the music.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to prepare a dynamic and engaging capoeira class for your students. Remember to focus on making the class fun and choosing activities that are appropriate for your students’ skill levels. With a little planning, your class will be a huge success!

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